Who we Are

About Us

School-Masters Online is an offshoot of Kerridale Preparatory School with over ten years’ worth of teaching and learning experience using England’s National Curriculum.

With a successful school already in place, it has become necessary for an Online provision for our nomadic families who travel out of our physical State but want to continue receiving quality British education at reasonable tuition cost and convenience.

Only the best

We provide the full British Education online for parents that are unable to access it for one reason or the other.
Also providing ad-hoc lessons to bridge learning gaps or preparation lessons for a child’s next level progression.

Distance and location are not a deterrent, all parents need is a quiet space; a laptop/desktop; Internet access and a child ready to learn! 

Online learning does not mean loneliness, as students meet other students online, and lifelong relationships are formed, both locally and globally.

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Teaching online

Technology is so far advanced that harnessing it as a foundation to all learning brings about incredible results. This means, no matter where a child is, we can reach that child as long as the internet reaches that corner of the globe!

School prospectus

School-Masters full prospectus is available upon request for children joining a full academic year’s program. 

Please complete the form below if you need a copy.