SM Home-Schooling

Admission Policy


School-Masters Online is an online education provision for children of Primary and Secondary aged children. 


Children requiring ad-hoc tutoring, full online schooling, and other learning packages are eligible to apply for a spot. All registration applications will be addressed by the School administrators.  School- Masters have the final authority in placing children, taking into consideration all learning and placement variables. 

It is advisable that parents register their children in the class that matches their age, this is because we us the English curriculum as a basis for our content. Whatever the class parents are interested in, children will be assessed and a recommendation on the class placement would be given. 

It is understandable that some children may be below or above their class /age placement grade, the School-Masters administrators and tutors would guide parents in getting the best outcome for their child’s placement.


  • For full time home learning, our main intake is in September and February
  • For ad-hoc one-on-one lessons, intakes are all year round

             Online Learning Considerations

While being a truly global learning organisation, it is our policy that children learn during their ‘social hours’.  School-Masters reserve the right to stop all learning being done during anti-social hours, this is to protect the mental health of our pupils.

Withdrawal of offer

Parents are advised to complete all payments upon receiving a place on our learning platform. Withdrawal of offers happens for the following reasons…

  1. When a parent has failed to respond to requests for payment or further information, by a set deadline, or within a reasonable time. 
  2. When a parent has failed to notify the school of important changes to application information.
  3. When the application has been submitted based on fraudulent or intentionally misleading information from a parent.

Withdrawal from School-Masters

  • Parents are required to give two weeks’ notice of their intention to withdraw their child from School-Masters.
  • Fees will not be refunded for any incomplete part of the term/learning.
  • Children leaving temporarily may not be given a placement upon their return, unless their full fee is paid for the year.