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Online schooling might seem unrealistic initially, however every family situation is completely different, and there is a varied of reasons why online schooling could be an option.


Reasons why online schooling may be necessary for your family


You are a nomadic family, moving around and changing school is hard enough for adults, talk less of children, losing their friends, and having to make new friends again, only to move to another city or state. With online schooling, this can be avoided, because the repeated fear of being the new pupil in class is reduced.


You want a school using the English curriculum, but it is so expensive in your country, because it is an ‘International Curriculum’, why not access it for a third of the school fees with the same content.


Your learning plans include Home-Schooling for a number of years, because that is what is right for your family now.


Your child is in a physical school, but parts of the learning is below your expectations, online learning for one or two subjects weekly will bridge the skills gap.


You are worried about having strangers in your home for home tuition, which sometimes you are not able to supervise. With online schooling, e-lessons, your children logon, and you can join the class to check on their learning.


School-Masters provides ad-hoc live lessons to full online schooling, using the English National Curriculum. The English National curriculum has depth, breadth in its offerings, in addition to it being progressive with timely revisions carried out to meet twenty-first century learning and developmental demands.

Year/Grade Placement

Children come to School-Masters Online from all corners of the world!
The table below shows the equivalent class age and curriculum stage for different education systems, helping parents get the placement for their children right! If still unsure, please complete the online form and you will be contacted.


UK Years


US/International Grades

4 - 5
Early Years Foundation Stage
Early Childhood
5 - 6
Year 1
Key Stage 1
Primary 1
Lower School
6 - 7
Year 2
Key Stage 1
Primary 2
1st Grade
Lower School
7 - 8
Year 3
Key Stage 2
Primary 2
2nd Grade
8 - 9
Year 4
Key Stage 2
Primary 4
3rd Grade
9 - 10
Year 5
Key Stage 2
Primary 5
4th Grade
10 - 11
Year 6
Key Stage 2
Primary 6
5th Grade
11 - 12
Year 7
Key Stage 3
Junior Secondary School - 1
6th Grade
Middle School
12 - 13
Year 8
Key Stage 3
Junior Secondary School - 2
7th Grade
Middle School
13 - 14
Year 9
Key Stage 3
Junior Secondary School - 3
8th Grade
Middle School
14 - 15
Year 10
Key Stage 4 (GCSE)
Senior Secondary School - 1
9th Grade (Freshman)
High School - Advanced Placement, High School Diploma
15 - 16
Year 11
Key Stage 4 (GCSE)
Senior Secondary School - 2
10th Grade (Sophomore)
High School - Advanced Placement, High School Diploma
16 - 17
Year 12 / Lower 6th
A Levels
Senior Secondary School - 3
11th Grade (Junior)
High School - Advanced Placement, High School Diploma
17 - 18
Year 13 / Upper 6th
A Levels
1st Year University (Having Passed WAEC & JAMB
12th Grade (Senior)
High School - Advanced Placement, High School Diploma

Further Enquires


School-Masters enrolment

School-Masters enrolment is a 6-stage process
Parents can enrol with School-Masters anytime throughout the year, however confirmation on availability of a spot will be made by the school administrator.


Complete Enrolment form


Application is confirmed &
Subject Selection Process


Child placement is ascertained


Child is offered a placement


Payment made by parents


Child/Parent is onboarded,
Learning begins

It is advisable that you only complete the enrolment form, after making up your mind that this is the pathway for your child.
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